Using Lightly for Smart Data Pools

Smart Data Collection

Our unique Smart Data Pool product makes data collection finally intelligent by only adding "new" samples to your data pool. For example in autonomous driving you are collecting a lot of data from sunny days but you are missing samples of foggy, rainy or snowy days. You still can continue to collect data as usual but our software will ensure that your just valuable missing samples are added to the data pool. You can also get realtime feedback on how valuable the data is which you are collecting. This will drastically enhance the efficiency of data collection process and help you to achieve a rich database to train your systems.

Smart In-House Collaboration

Our unique Smart Data Pool product comes with an inhouse-collaboration feature. It allows all of your teams to contribute to the company data warehouse. It follows a simple 3 step process (see illustration below).

  1. Team send data to the filter solution
  2. Filtered data is added to the raw data company pool
  3. Our Lightly data governance system checks whether the samples is already in the database

After the process the new samples are added to the "warm"/"on-cloud" storage. The complete raw data can still be stored in a "cold" storage if wished.

Smart Post-Processing

Once you have your data selected which is carefully cleaned and filtered you can use our platform to delegate the next steps. It is easy to share the dataset, comment on tasks, and collaborate within your team. Our solution enables you to send it to directly to third parties for services such as data annotation or anonymization. You can also merge and split different datasets to achieve the best results

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