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Combining Lightly’s data curation expertise with best-in-class annotation and labeling tools, data annotation services, AI consultants, machine learning technologies and services.


Sama is a leading provider of data annotation services. Trusted by more than 25% of the Fortune 50. Specialized in image, video, and sensor data.


Keymakr is focused on data collection for computer vision companies.

Humans in the loop

Humans in the Loop is an award-winning social enterprise founded in 2017. Providing data collection, annotation, and model validation services.


CloudFactory is a global leader in combining people and technology to provide workforce solutions for machine learning and business process optimization.

Quality Match

Quality Match improves your machine learning models through optimized datasets with controlled annotation quality.


Labelata is a Swiss start-up specializing in medical image segmentation and labeling with a focus on quality, oversight and data protection.


Diffgram offers a dataset management and annotation solution which makes AI more accessible and practical.


Segments is a 2D & 3D data labeler and platform provider for robotics and autonomous vehicles specialized on segmentation.


Multi-sensor data labeling and calibration tool and service provider to accelerate computer vision.


Cogito boosts AI & machine learning initiatives through a highly skilled workforce and great accuracy.

Sunix AI

Sunix provides a scalable human-in-the-loop workforce to accelerate your artificial intelligence initiatives and optimize business operations.


Open-source labeling tool for images, 3D data, and videos

Partner Advantages

Leverage state-of-the-art machine learning technology only available for Lightly partners such as autolabel engine, active-learning loops, and a fully managed data flywheel to improve label quality and efficiency.

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